PM Services
We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to set PM maintenance schedules that will helpskeep their equipment running as smoothly as possible to prevent frequent, unexpected breakdowns.
Remember mileage is not the only target for service, equipment storage time is too. Sitting equipment can spell disaster if not maintained while down.
Let's keep the downtime at home, not on the road!
A-Services &
B-Services available.
Call today and ask how we can help your fleet stay productive.
      Brakes & Air System
The brakes are what stops your load from collision and saves lives every day while you are on the road, even parked and unattended.
Maintenace and check your brakes frequently, come home safe and protect the lives of others!
Don't forget your air brake tests before and everytime turn on your vehicle. A few minutes of checking brakes can save hours, even days of downtime and many lives, even your own.
Brake Services available.
Call today and ask how we can help your fleet stay safe.

      Fleet Maintenance


We provide a complete fleet maintenance service to small and large companies.
Plus we service on site to keep your downtime to a minimum and your equipment in your yard.
We work with companies with PO rules and estimate needs prior to repairs done.
We do majority of our communications via email so staying organized is made easier.
Our mechanics are able to email or text pictures to our customers if needed, so the customer can see not just listen to what is needing to be repaired.
Fleet Services available.
Call today and ask how we can help your fleet as a whole.
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